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Даниэль Галуйе

Daniel Francis Galouye was an American science fiction writer. He wrote several stories for digest size magazines in the 1950s and 1960s. He mostly wrote for the lower quality magazines but did have a loyal following for a brief period. He also wrote several novels, notably Simulacron Three, basis of the movie The Thirteenth Floor and the 1973 German TV miniseries, Welt am Draht (directed by Rainer Fassbinder). Galouye was born in New Orleans, where he also died.

According to his obituary in the New Orleans States-Item Galouye "was a Navy pilot during WW II from 1942 to 1946. He graduated from Pensacola Naval Air School, held the rank of lieutenant and was for a time during his service years in charge of a training school in Hawaii for Navy airmen. Immediately after release from the Navy, he began his career with The States-Item as a reporter, then as a copy editor and joined the editorial department in 1956. He later was named associate editor of that department, retiring in 1967." His retirement was due to failing health, which was in turn related to injuries sustained during his Navy service. His health continued to decline until his early death at age 56.

The eminent zoologist Richard Dawkins regards Galouye as one of his favorite fiction writers