Shopaholic Ties the Knot

Автор Sophie Kinsella
Издательство Black Swan
Год издания 2002
Переплет мягкая обложка
Страниц 400
Формат 130x165
ISBN 978-0-552-77348-5

От издателя

For once in Becky Bloomwood\'s life, things are going smoothly. She\'s got the dream job as a personal shopper (spending other people\'s money - and getting paid for it.) She\'s got a fabulous Manhattan apartment with her boyfriend Luke. They\'ve even opened a joint bank account (although they can\'t quite agree on whether a Miu Miu skirt counts as a household expense). Then Luke proposes - and all of a sudden life gets hectic. Becky\'s Mum wants her to get married in Oxshott and wear her old frilly wedding dress. Luke\'s mother wants to host a grand extravaganza at the New York Plaza, complete with woodland glade and the New York Philharmonic. Becky knows she has to sit down and decide - but to be honest, it\'s a lot more fun tasting cake, trying on dresses and registering wedding presents. Time\'s ticking by, plans are being made both sides of the Atlantic and soon she realises she\'s in trouble... Издание на английском языке. Формат: 10,5 см х 18 см.