Atlantis: Lessons from the Lost Continent

Автор Allan Danelek J.
Издательство Llewellyn Publications
Год издания 2008
Страниц 264
ISBN 0738711624

От издателя

The Search for an Ancient World. The lost civilization of Atlantis - whether mythical or historical - offers possible clues about our past and holds important lessons for our future. Join author J. Allan Danelek on a compelling journey of discovery as he attempts to answer questions surrounding the controversial twelve-thousand-year-old legend: Was it a real place or did Plato invent the story? If it did exist, what could have led to the widespread destruction of an entire civilization? And are we heading down the same road to self-annihilation? Fact or Fiction? Bringing new life to Plato's dialogues on Atlantis, Danelek offers original theories about the lost world's culture and downfall. This engaging exploration covers all aspects of Atlantean lore, from historical maps and geological sciences to popular theories both traditional and contemporary. At the heart of every story lies an ultimate truth and timeless lesson. What can Atlantis teach...