A Charlie Chan Omnibus

Автор Earl Derr Biggers
Издательство Wordsworth Editions Limited
Год издания 2008
Переплет мягкая обложка
Страниц 656
ISBN 978-1-84022-092-6

От издателя

\'He was very fat indeed, yet he walked with the light dainty step of a woman. His cheeks were as chubby as a baby\'s, his skin ivory tinted, his black hair close-cropped, his amber eyes slanting.\' A family secret leads to murder in a house without locks... Someone is prepared to kill to procure a valuable set of pearls, and a parrot fluent in Chinese knows too much... A Scotland Yard Inspector is about to close his final case, but someone is prepared to kill to keep the mystery unsolved... Three very different crimes, with one thing in common... He\'s Honolulu\'s greatest detective prepare to savour the wisdom of Charlie Chan. From Hawaii to San Francisco, no crime is too baffling, no clue too insignificant for Charlie. Long out of print, Charlie Chan\'s first three cases, \'The House Without a Key\', \'The Chinese Parrot\', and \'Behind That Curtain\', have been collected in one volume for your entertainment and bafflement.